October’s Healthy Horoscopes for ClassPass!


Happy October! I’m Kim Tigar, the intuitive astrologer behind The Traveling Sage Astrology, and I’m excited to bring you monthly healthy horoscopes! This month, the planets move into a more harmonious alignment, which will ease the stress of the combative and competitive energies for many sun signs. This shift will also fire-up other sun signs with inspiration and a renewed energy.

For all sun signs, October brings a welcome relief from the sizzling energy of the planets this summer! This month, we’re focusing on what classes are best for your sun sign: 

(March 21- April 19)
After a sizzling summer of activity for Aries, try cooling off with a water-themed class. A dip in the pool will also quench that fire! Try adding coconut water to your workout for added hydration.

If you’re in New York, try an underwater spin class at Aqua Studio NY.




(April 20- May 20) Taurus likes to take is easy this month. Book a Tai Chi class to go with the flow. Or try belly dancing to satisfy your sensual side.

If you’re in Boston, try a belly dancing class at Diosa Studios



cp_sm_gemini(May 21- June 20) Gemini needs some variety this month! Feed your body with a kickboxing class or Zumba. Remember to breathe, though, busy body. You need to always exercise your lungs.

If you’re in Los Angeles, try a kickboxing class at Foxy and Fierce



(June 21- July 22) Cancer needs some quiet time after a particularly busy summer. Enroll in an easy yoga class or a breathe work class. Then give yourself a hug!

If you’re in San Francisco, try a vinyasa yoga class at Moksha Life Center.



(July 23- August 22) Leo has been shining bright this season – and that’s not about to stop anytime soon. Continue to shine with a dancing class. The spotlight is on you, so power through!

If you’re in Chicago, try a jazz dance class at Intrigue Dance and Performing Arts Center.



(August 23- September 22) It’s Virgo’s favorite season with a little chill down after a crazy (but great) summer. October is the perfect time for a rowing or pilates class for a little extra grounding.

If you’re in Boston, try a pilates class at Boston Body

(September 23- October 22) Take a new class with a friend or partner, Libra. A running club is just what you need, not only for fitness, but to ease the stress of a whirlwind summer.

If you’re in New York City, try a running class with RobinNYC.



(October 23- November 21) Scorpio can use some softer, more fluid moves this month. Try a beginning aerial class or smooth yoga class. Afterwards, a hike through nature will soften your soul.

If you’re in San Francisco, try an aerial class at Circus Center.



(November 22- December 21) High energy is the theme for Sagittarius in October! Get moving with a fitness boot camp class! Burn that stress with an added spin class!

If you’re in Chicago, try a bootcamp class at The Ray at DePaul University



(December 22- January 19) Capricorn has had their fair share of responsibility lately. Give yourself a reward of a few extra carbs after your workout. Take a sassy pole dancing class to satisfy your need to keep moving up!

 If you’re in Los Angeles, try a pole dancing class at Allure Dance & Fitness Studio.



(January 22- February 18) It’s time to light your fire, Aquarius! A hot or bikram yoga class will fan the flame. Don’t forget – water, water, water to keep a hydrated, fitness balance.

If you’re in Boston, try a bikram yoga class at Bikram Yoga Boston



(February 19- March 20) Pisces needs some structure! Give yourself a remodel with a core strengthening class. Or for a new spin, try an interpretive dance class to tap into the inner you!

If you’re in San Francisco, try a core class at CORE40.


Kim Tigar is the intuitive astrologer behind The Traveling Sage Astrology. She loves yoga, daily walks, kayaking and cycling. She placed 5th in her age category in her very first 5k at the age of 50! She continues to challenge herself by trying new fitness experiences and questioning old mindsets about aging! 


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