Baby North West’s Astrological Reading Sounds About Right

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What do new parents Kim Kardashian (a Libra) and Kanye West (a Gemini) need to know about their newborn, North West (a Gemini)? Based on her astrological birth chart, here are five things we know about the baby, who is reportedly being called Nori:

She will be a talker.
With her talkative sun sign in Gemini conjuncts Jupiter, baby Nori will be a complete chatterbox. Curious, quick thinking, intelligent and playful, she is a born teacher—or preacher. Yikes! Which way will she go? (And what reality television show will follow?)

She’ll love (and value) her family.
The Kardashian clan may seem crazy, but they are close. And because Nori’s Venus conjuncts Mercury in the sign of Cancer, it means that she’ll develop strong emotional bonds with her family.

Mom will give her structure, but Dad will be her rock.
Baby Nori’s moon in the no-nonsense sign of Virgo says that her mom will bring structure and order to her life. While she’ll feel safe and be well-taken care of, Nori may feel mom Kim is critical and too much of a perfectionist. Dad Kanye, however, will be her rock. Because she’ll idolize him, Kanye needs to be sure that his rules, words and manner are not too harsh for his sensitive daughter.

Baby Nori may have some serious temper-tantrums.
At every age, she’ll like to initiate ideas and be assertive about expressing them to others. If she feels ignored or repressed by the response, someone (or everyone) will hear about it!

She’ll be more private than her parents.
Nori will crave something deeper than reality television, and even if she chooses a celebrity lifestyle, her soul will yearn to make a difference through service to others. While she’ll be empathetic, she’ll also be secretive, which may be hard for a child that will be in the limelight. Whatever her path, I predict that this little girl will grow up to be a guiding star in a much different way than her parents.

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