Meet Kim


Kim Tigar is an Intuitive Astrologer located in North Carolina. She has been studying astrology for more than 25 years. and is one of the founders of the Asheville Friends of Astrology group.  Kim was also a guest speaker at the 2008 Women’ s Leadership Conference held at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC.  Over the years, Kim has taught astrology classes and served as a mentor to several bright, and upcoming, young astrologers.

Kim fell in love with astrology at 12 years of age when she stumbled across a pocket sized book on astrology, published by Dell Horoscopes.  She credits the continuation and advancement of her education in astrology to her late astrology teacher, mentor and beloved friend, Barbara Morales.

Kim is a Sagittarius who is married to another Sagittarius. Their “fiery” union created quite a dynamic Virgo daughter that has decided to take over the world (at least NYC).  Kim surrounds herself with many friends from all walks of life and signs of the zodiac that share in her love of astrology and the deeper meanings of life.  She hopes to give others inspiration, empowerment and clarity through the use of chart readings and other services.

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